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Gain market exposure and increase consumer trust with GoodGuide.

Use your WERCSmart product data to generate a GoodGuide rating and add it to the GoodGuide product catalog, consumers’ trusted online resource for healthy purchasing.


Manufacturer Subscription Benefits

All GoodGuide-rated products undergo a comprehensive evaluation developed by leading experts in the health sciences field.

Included in standard and premium subscription plans.

Enhance Visibility

Enhance visibility of your product(s) in the marketplace by adding it to the online product catalog consumers rely on daily for purchase decisions.

Expand Reach

Expand your brand reach with an advertorial showcasing valued attributes of your product.

Establish Trust

Establish a more trusting relationship with consumers by using full formulation data for a more accurate, science-based rating, while answering consumer demands for transparency. Remember, your confidential information will remain private.

Please note that only household cleaners and personal care products are currently eligible for a GoodGuide® rating.

Additional Solutions

Take advantage of additional products and services GoodGuide has to offer to manufacturers and distributors.

Advertise on GoodGuide

Our latest updates on GoodGuide.com allow brands to feature custom messages, including multimedia content (i.e., text, images and video) on product pages.

Advertorials are exclusively available to GoodGuide rated products for $1000/ 6 months per UPC. For more information, reach out to our team at GoodGuidePartnerships@ul.com.

*Prices on all advertising programs are subject to change