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We are committed to helping you monitor and manage all of your product portfolio needs with the highest standards of confidentiality and service. Get products on retail shelves efficiently and gain timely, informed technical and regulatory support when you need it.

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Manufacturer Subscription Highlights

Find the WERCSmart subscription plan that best fits your product management needs.

Choose from limited, standard or premium subscription plans.

Basic Tools

Ensure your products meet regulatory requirements and get on shelves of over 40 retailers by submitting your product information in our secure software platform. Enjoy the benefits of a single database to efficiently update, evaluate, forward and track product information at any time.

How Retailers use WERCSmart

GoodGuide Product Rating

Enhance brand visibility and credibility with a GoodGuide product rating. Use your WERCSmart product data to generate a health rating and optionally add it to the GoodGuide product catalog, consumers’ trusted resource for reliable, science-based product information.

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UL PurView Sustainability Assessment

Satisfy retailers sustainability requirements by electing to share your existing WERCSmart product data with the UL PurView platform for your sustainability assessment.

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UL ECOLOGO Readiness Assessment

Recognized and referenced by more than 500 institutional procurement specifications, ECOLOGO Certification can increase market demand for your products. The ECOLOGO Certification readiness assessment evaluates the likelihood that your product can achieve certification to one of the ECOLOGO multi-attribute sustainability standards, and will expand to include other products such as personal care.

Dedicated Client Support Services

Enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated account agent, with technical expertise, to assist with answering questions relating to registrations, holds, re-certifications and updates. Advanced data entry, reporting and liaison services are also available with our enhanced packages.

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Regulatory Support Services and Insights

Gain exclusive access to a team of UL global regulatory experts who can help you navigate complex compliance requirements such as TSCA, VOC limits and Prop 65. Our experts can provide information and insights regarding your transportation classifications and hazardous waste disposal methods, potentially saving you money and getting your products on store shelves faster.

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Additional Solutions

Take advantage of additional products and services UL has to offer manufacturers and distributors.

UL Secure Connect (ULSC)

Get additional insights from your data with UL Secure Connect, a data generation tool. ULSC allows you to generate additional valuable data, and receive that data in an editable format which you can analyze and import into your internal systems.

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WERCS Studio

WERCS Studio provides suppliers with a flexible software platform designed to manage and meet Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) regulations and your company goals.

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Regulatory Assurance Services

Our regulatory experts’ deep regional knowledge can assist you in navigating the complex demands of hazard communication, transportation, import/export activities, waste disposal and government reporting across the globe.

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UL Supply Chain Network (ULSCN)

ULSCN provides manufacturers with a secure, efficient and robust way to organize, aggregate, utilize and share data across the supply chain.

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UL PurView for Manufacturers

Lower costs and meet consumer demand for product transparency by creating your own evaluation system based on a set of custom sustainability criteria to qualify materials, facilitating the sourcing of more environmentally preferable products.

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