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Regulatory Support & Insights

Gain exclusive access to a team of UL global regulatory experts who can help you navigate complex compliance requirements including TSCA, VOC limits and Cal Prop 65 and find ways to save you money and get products on store shelves faster.


Manufacturer Benefits

Included in the premium subscription plan.

Product Assessment Preview

See important product assessment results 2-business days before they are passed on to the retailer! If there are questions about your results, you will have those 2-business days to inquire with UL’s regulatory experts on the following topics: waste, transportation, California proposition 65, VOC and fire codes.

Transportation Classification Regulatory Support

Avoid potential delays and pitfalls by relying on UL’s regulatory experts to provide information and insights into your transportation classifications. You may be eligible for exemptions and exceptions that will save you money and get your products on the store shelves faster.

Waste Classification Regulatory Support

Many retailers are now passing the costs of hazardous waste disposal on to manufacturers like you! Understanding hazardous waste classification requirements and the basis for your products classifications is more important than ever. Rely on UL’s regulatory experts to review and provide guidance to minimize your costs.

VOC Classification Regulatory Support

Regulations around VOC are growing in size and complexity. Our regulatory experts will work with you to ensure your organizations products are compliant in the markets you serve.

A Draft OSHA-Compliant SDS

Elect to have an OSHA-compliant GHS Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in a UL approved format for each of your active products.x

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